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are against, but what you are for. the brilliance of your contract with america back in 1994 is that you had the presence of mind to lay out for the american people, whether they agreed or disagreed, you laid out an agenda of 10 things that you and your party would do if america gave you the chance to run the house. you were for something, as opposed to simply being against something. where is that in the part of your party right now? >> id is not covered as much because of the nature of the news media and because republicans do not push it hard enough. john boehner's plan was pretty good, they had a pretty good health plan that was modest within the congressional budget office, but to get anything covered like that, you have got to be maniacal in talking about it until all of your friends think that you are crazy and the average person is just beginning to hear you. republicans do not quite have the discipline and focus to say on these topics the way that they should. another point on which i agree with you entirely, i have an article coming out next month where i outline a new approach to
, doesn't it? c'mon, let's go! ♪ ♪ > >> glenn: hello, america. tonight our commander in chief will stand before you with a completely straight face and kick off a campaign on fiscal disciplindiscipline. [ coughing ] i have to tell you, i had a really hard time buying that from the last president. i just don't think i can do it from this one. this is the guy whoin creased the federal deficit to $1.35 trillion. that's higher as a share of the economy than any other year than world war ii. he's also the guy who is just recommended we raise the debt ceiling by another $2 trillion. the guy who approved a $787 billion spending orgy that resulted in millions of wasted -- well, at least i think that we didn't need the turtle tunnel in florida. the reptile road safety thing. that's just me. this guy has now decided that things are getting crazy. i'm fixing it. he's now proposing a spending freeze. a spending freeze. spending freeze. wow, it sounds like a good idea on the surface. where have i heard that spending freeze thing before? >> the problem with spending freeze is you use a hatchet when yo
del censo portaretrato de america busco el deporte del basquetbol en el verizon center del distrito de columbia para promover el cuestionario de las 10 preguntas basicas que deberan de contestarse de manera pronto esto es una gira que es una estrategia de mercadeo del buro del censo simplemente para concientizar para educar y para llevar el mensaje del censo que es un evento que ocurre cada vez 10 aÑos pero la baja participacion de hispanos interesados en el censo es notable dentro de la comunida que asistio a las eventos deportivos mas atracciones mas cosas para atraer a los hispanos cosas de culturas de los hispanos como cuales te gustaria que hubieran mas... ahhh alegria , musica alegre cosas asi latina algo que atrae a los latinos musica comida latina... el censo 2010 pronto comenzara el envio por correo de los cuestionarios a los miles de residencia y hogares hispanos del area las autoridades recomienda estar muy atentos el formulario llega en marzo y se le pide a la gente se le exi
>>> if there is anyone out there who still doubts that america is a place where all things are possible, tonight is your answer. change has come to america. >> you lie! >> in america today people are angry. one in five of us out of work, one in four in houses worth less than the mortgage that lays on top of them, health care reform derailed before our very eyes by special interests and back room deals and wall street continuing to be allowed to gamble with our money in secret. the outrage understandable in america. and that outrage partially aimed at president obama and the political games he has yet to be able to break up in this country and, in fact, has himself become a part of. take a look. nbc news "wall street journal" poll shows 70% think washington isn't doing enough to regulate wall street. no surprise. they have done nothing since the collapse to claw back money, tax future profits let alone close the loopholes that got us into the mess. meanwhile, an overwhelming 84% think lobbyist have too much influence on capitol hill and in the white house. think of the back
. >> a warm welcome, "bbc world news" broadcast on pbs in america and around the globe. lessons from the meltdown, the world economic forum opens, calling for a rethink of capitalism. and healing the wounds, the children of haiti, air lifted to new york. >>> hello. could the afghans president's plans to offer talks and money to the taliban not undermine the freedoms won by the afghan people? tommy karzai has been defending himself against accusations ahead of thursday's london conference on afghanistan. britain's prime minister gordon brown answered questions from afghan and british students and defended his deployment of british troops. our world affairs correspondent was there. >> president karzai arrives in london knowing that he has repair work to do on his reputation and that of his government. last year's afghan elections were widely seen as flawed by widespread corruption. at the same time, more western troops than ever were killed or injured in the war against the taliban. was it worth the price, one student asked? >>. is it shoulders have been fighting in afghanistan at nine
cbs reports: "where america stands." >> reporter: for more than a decade, americans have been living in what's been called the age of terror. from africa in 1998 to new york and washington in 2001 to the skies over detroit in 2009. >> al qaeda and its extremist allies will stop at nothing in their efforts to kill americans. >> reporter: the report card is grim. between 1998 and 2001 al qaeda terrorists struck u.s. and western targets just four times. three countries were hit, 248 people were killed. then came 9/11 and those figures skyrocketed. 144 attacks in eight years by al qaeda or its affiliates. 24 countries hit. all told, including the world trade center, more than 4,300 people killed. al qaeda's main area of operations has expanded beyond afghanistan. it now has substantial bases in yemen, iraq, algeria, somalia, and kenya. home ground terrorism is also on the rise from boston to dallas to new york city. 44 plots have been uncovered in the u.s. since 9/11, 12 of those last year alone. the problem for the u.s. is personifyed in radical recruiters like shake omar bakri muhammed
. this document proves this white house is out of touch with mainstream america. it shows that the president is living in a bubble one that shields him from the economic and national security challenges that face this country. the official talking points split into three specific categories that the white house calls, rescue, rebuild and restore. each and every bullet point on this two-page document, simply ignores reality. take for example, the ridiculous an the president took strong and politically difficult steps to rescue the country from a potential second great depression. this is what the white house wants its surrogates to go on tv and tell you the american people? that we narrowly avoided a second great depression in the year 2009. could they get any more reckless and care less? yes. the document claims president has begun the hard work required to restore america's standing and leadership in the world. he's restored america's standing? i guess he could say that if by standing he means bowing to each and every world leader he comes into contact with. the insanity does not stop ther
"time" magazine joe klein. here it is. you're stupid. what? what did i say? >> glenn: hello, america. joe klein from "time" magazine. i love him. he just wants to help us out because we're too dumb. posting from joe klein in "time" caught my eye yesterday. here is really in a mutt nutshell again, you're a dumb, dumb, dummy. normally i'd be to offended. but he knows, not only did joe attend an ivy league school. the university -- is that right? the university of pennsylvania. that is not an ivy league school. that's the trailer trash of ivy league schools. you really think so? i mean, it's like a double wide. you know what i'm saying. but not only did he attend penn, he's also a member of the c.f.r. there goes glenn again, getting in conspiracies. no, no conspiracy here. he's just a member of c.f.r. the council of foreign relations. let me tell you about them. this is an institution that originated from a group of academics and professionals, who participated in the so-called inquiry in paris. they saw to offer advice to the progressive woodrow wilson. amongst the members, walter litm
have a dream it's going to happen. and i know when the president told america eight different times on television that we're going to have all these negotiations on c-span. i know some day we're going to have all those negotiations on c-span. i have been trying to find out where the negotiations are going on so that we can have some true transparency and just -- and it was a great idea when the president said it. so that people all over the country can see who's negotiating for them and who's negotiating for the pharmaceuticals, who's negotiating for the insurance companies, who's negotiating for the plaintiffs' lawyers and aarp and standing on the side of the retired folks. we work able to see all of that. it would be transparent. the president, when i heard him saying that over and over again on television throughout the presidential campaign, i thought that's not a bad idea, that's a good idea. we'll make this totally transparent. even though i'm a republican, the president had a good idea. we have to give him fault, too. once he got elected, we need him to follow through and the
>>> making news in america this morning -- >> stop selling toyotas. the defect was so serious, the world's number one automaker takes drastic action. >>> and moving ahead. the president's goal for tonight's state of the union address, after a rocky first year in office. >>> and our investigation into dairies could change the way you think about your next glass of milk. >> it's january, 27th, 2010. >>> good morning. thanks for joining us on this wednesday. the world's top automaker is taking drastic action this morning, due to a major safety problem. >> toyota is going to temporarily stop selling and making eight models of cars and trucks recalled last week. the cars, built in north america, could suddenly accelerate and cause accidents. here's brad wheelis. >> reporter: toyota ordered its dealers to stop selling eight of its most popular models. toyota is also haumting the assembly lines that make the vehicles in indiana, kentucky, texas, canada, starting feuary 1st. >> cheshould have done this weeks ago. >> reporter: all of this because of problems with the gas pedal. drivers
. [ male announcer ] we're america's largest financial planning company. meet us today at >>> i think your father was a great man. is a great man. just so i wouldn't be so intimidated by how pretty you are, i've been thinking about your father the whole time. >> that will do it. >> "the wall street journal," ohm bahia to tout job push. americans want eyes on the economy. >>> "washington post," toyota screeches to a halt on eight models in an effort to fix the sticking gas pedal problem. >>> "the indianapolis star," that will affect two assembly plants. >>> and tim tebow's spot on the super bowl causes a stir. more ahead in sports. >>> and "dallas morning news," home prices increase after more than two years of decline. home prices have turned positive for dallas. william, let us open up. >> what's inside? >> let's go down to d.c. and talk to the editor in chief of politico, mr. john harris, with a look at the playbook. >> good morning, willie. >> good to see you this morning. >> happy state of the union day. only 14 hours away. we have the countdown clock we are going
, they want an end to abortion in america. i'm not going to say whether they're right or wrong but i'll point out, when the republicans were in charge, the senate, the house, the white house, the supreme court, once again, they did nothing to help pat robertson's followers accomplish what they wanted. tonight i ask those people, the christian right what about your own pact with the devil? how has that worked out with you -- out for you? i yield back the rest of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields his time. the gentleman from nebraska. mr. fortenberry. the gentleman from california, mr. dreier. the gentleman from louisiana, mr. cao. five minutes. mr. cao: yes. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. cao: thank you very much. mr. speaker, the new orleans saints are going to the super bowl for the first time in franchise history. as their representative to congress, i want to congratulate them in an official manner by acknowledging words of encouragement from constituents on the house floor. sunday's historic win was an inspiration to the rest of new orleans who contin
to "bbc world news," broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america, also around the globe. my name is mike embley. coming up later for you -- britain's top lawyer at the time of the iraq war testifies. why did he change his mind? and lessons from the meltdown. the world economic forum opens in davos and calls for fundamental rethinking of capitalism, no less. hello to you. could the afghan president's plan to offer talks and money to peace with the taliban undermine the environment with the afghan people? homage karzai has been defending himself from the accusation. -- homage karzai. britain's prime minister answered questions from afghan and british students and defended his deployment of british troops. our world from paris -- our world affairs correspondent was there. >> president karzai arrives in london knowing he has repair work to do on his own reputation and that of his government. last ye's afghan elections were widely seen as flawed by widespread corruption. at the same time, more troops than ever were being killed or injured in the war against the taliban. was it, one student as
in asia, latin america, and what this crisis has shown is that we have been able to contain -- >> that is what i was really hinting at. the response to the financial problems, both in america and the european union was to have protectionist measures. >> we have been monitoring this very closely. the result, at this stage, is there has not been a significant rise of proteconism. if you take world trade today, it is as open as it was last year. overall, the system has worked. i am prudent and i'm cautious because these protectionist cautions are linked to the situation on the job market. we know that things may not be improving short-term in the job market. the risk is still here, but for the moment, it has been reasonably well contained. >> davos will be concentrating on how one keeps this rather err for agile recovery going. from your point of view, how greworrying is it? asia is pulling out quicker and faster and better than europe and america. >> frankly speaking, we should be happy that some places in this world are growing more rapidly than others. the recovery will prob
>>> good morning, america. on this wednesday, january 27th p i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. >>> this morning, hitting the brakes. toyota makes a shocking move. suspending all sales of its most popular vehicles after accelerator pedals keep sticking. it began with an abc news investigation. >>> plus, pot 'bama gets ready to deliver the state of the union, as he faces mounting criticism from both sides of the aisle. can tonight's speech turn things around? >>> the real deal on fake perfumes. who would wear antifreeze on their skin? it may be you. the surprising hazardous ingredients in some scents you think are again win. they may be counterfeit. >>> and the basketball shark. the coach that turned the play into the highlight of the week. >>> and we are so glad you could start your morning with us. and a lot to get to, as always. move by about this never been seen before. the world's largest automaker, halting sales of eight of its most popular calls just days after a recall. we'll look a the problem triggers such drastic action. brian ross has been a
make of it? >> i'm looking forward to hearing a speech by someone who knows america's place in the world market and has fiscal responsibility, and i hope obama is listening very carefully when steve jobs speaks tomorrow. i don't know, it seems we're in big trouble, and the good news is it seems the american people are realizing that when you're in debt horribly that maybe it's best to stop spending a little bit. >> larry: president obama, tanya, dismissed in the campaign when discussing a freeze. obama said it would be like taking a scalpel to it. here's what mccain had to say today. >> i think that the president understands now how serious this problem is and that it requires hatch et ceteets and scalpels. it requires a hatchet to bring it under control, and it requires the scalpel to eliminate the waste ful and unnecessary spending. >> larry: and john mccain will be with us tomorrow night when we follow all the following following state of the union. we'll be on at midnight eastern, 9:00 pacific. tanya, what do you make of it? >> i think the president is certainly bend to
and to be dean of the school public service as we down here in texas work to prepare america's newest greatest generation for service to the country. host: come back again, ambassador. we will have coverage of the state of the union address beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern. we will take a look back at past state of the union addresses. around a 30 5:00 p.m. eastern the state of the union procedures would get under way. the house speaker nancy pelosi will call the house to order. -- at around 8:35 p.m. then around a few minutes before 9:00 p.m. the first lady and others are escorted into the gallery. the gop response will be with the newly inaugurated bob macdonald. learning lessons from last year's response from then- governor, republican gov. bob region will -- from the floor of the virginia house of delegates run by an audience of about 350 that includes small business owners, legislators, and military members. coverage as well of gop response. thanks for watching. . . [captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of represent
said america is the indispensable nation of the world. i say by way, and warn i feel you have made yourself indispensable. it is an extraordinary act of service that you performed. it is important in this particular moment in our government of history that you formed such a collaboration. it is not just bipartisan. i do not want either one of you to think of your party labels when you do your work. it continues to make you very important and influential. we have been very substantive. i thought it was actually yewise and helpful to the committee. i thank you for it. we want to do a series the subject matter hearings. i would like to invite that you and your staff that we consult with you about the directions in which we were going. i cannot think you enough. it has been a constructive hearing for us. look keep the record of the hearing opened for 15 days. i thank you. the hearing is adjourned. us be the -- thank you. >> now we will hear from the homeland security secretary. she recently returned from an overseas trip which included a series of meetings on aviation security. the bri
of a uniq pilot program in chago called keep our homes. it's a partnersh between bank of america andour community groups on the city's southst side. the bank provis the names of customerwho are more than 60 days delinquent on the mortgages. the grps and their volunteers then work with tho customers to get their lns modified. sincnovember, bank of america hareleased the names of more than 500ustomers in this predominantly hispan community. the bank says langge barriers often ke it hard for it to communice with these borrower so volunteers like silvia cisnes are a big help. >> some of them are ppy to see us, that we are from the urch, their parish; that we are not there to selanything or get theinto trouble, but st to tell them where they c go forelp. >> reporte counselors at the four agencies rk aggressively withomeowners to gather all of the necessary parwork for refinaing. >> can i get some ditional information om you? >> reporter: flow-up calls to ack down missing documents a common. donna stites hea up e of the groups working on the projec and admi the process is metimes frustrating.
in america, the ca y camry. toyota is saying it does not yet know how to fix the problem of its runaway cars. toyota dealers were told to suspend sales of eight different models because the company says the guess pedals may stick and the cars run out of control. the models include the camry, corolla, matrix, avenalon, tund, highlander and sequoia. cars remain on the road, leaving some of their owners very worried. >> i used to have toyotas, never had this problem car. >> reporter: today's action follows reports of 2,000 accidents and at least 20 deaths linked to runaway toyotas. most dramatic, what happened to mark saylor, driving a 2009 lexus with three members of his family when the car sped out of control. this is what it looks like going 50 miles an hour on that highway. this is what it looks like double, to the approximate mat 100 miles an hour, the speed saylor reached. >> our accelerator's stuck. we're in trouble. there's no brakes. >> reporter: his brother-in-law called 911 from the backseat. >> you don't have the ability to, like, turn the vehicle off or anything? >> we're approachi
of a unique pilot program in chicago called keep our homes. it's a partnership between bank of america and four community groups on the city's southwest side. the bank provides the names of customers who are more than 60 days delinquent on their mortgages. the groups and their volunteers then work with those customers to get their loans modified. since november, bank of america has released the names of more than 500 customers in this predominantly hispanic community. the bank says language barriers often make it hard for it to communicate with these borrowers, so volunteers like silvia cisneros are a big help. >> some of them are happy to see us, that we are from their church, their parish; that we are not there to sell anything or get them into trouble, but just to tell them where they can go for help. >> reporter: counselors at the four agencies work aggressively with homeowners to gather all of the necessary paperwork for refinancing. >> can i get some additional information from you? >> reporter: follow-up calls to track down missing documents are common. donna stites heads up one
production at seven plants across north america. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >>> we do have the full list of recalled cars on our website. locked onto -- log on to >>> metro is taking a closer look at tracked safety. investigators want to know what is behind the deadly accidents and close calls. pamela brown has the latest on that. >> investigators still have a lot of unanswered questions. the ntsb is launching a formal investigation indicated the seriousness of this latest accident. a high roll trucked back into jeff garrard and sung oh, killing both of them. they're looking to see whether safety rules were being folled. they need to be informed about the location of work crews. technicians are supposed to look for oncoming traffic. investigators are looking into review communications and the physical conditions at the time of the accident. five metro workers have been killed over the past seven months. metro is looking for a new general manager to turn things around. we will hear from the victims' families. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >>> so
brown could do for them. 1k3* what grade do america'sca's kids give president obama?ds here is a hint. ht, i it is not a good, solid blid b plus. and do people say they are spiritual? they say namaste. dictate.your t and put it on pause the onece. that assures applause and a never takes a law to a can of cn coors. greg? >> thank you, andy. >>> let's welcome our delightful array of our beautiful and probably high as a kite guest. gives she hosts the diana falzone. show. she is so hot the sun uses her s to dry its hair. yes, the sun has she is the sexiest dame in theai acting game. lead actor and writer and producer for no good tv. she is cuter than a sm ru fn a riding a my little pony over a griffin skull.y. he is the raider to my paulyau revere, the pacemaker to my my jerry.rry and the her met to my herman and the blood and sweat to my tears. it is bill shultz whol vacations in turkish prisons. and he is more dangerous than jason born and more handsome than james bond and thewe ttellest guy you called a spy. hetting next to me is the cia operative.t he is so cool that ice cube
for middle america. the ice age cometh to the southern plains again. >>> tech knnotechno geeks aroun world giddy over apple's tablet. the latest installment of "as the worm turns." >>> president obama's first official state of the union address, so much on the line, where does he even start? suzanne malveaux's got that covered for us. >>> watergate light? a louisiana version? is that what we have on our hands in brianna keilar's got her ear to the story, so to speak. >>> and is the stimulus package giving us our money's worth in don lemon manning the cnn stimulus desk and keeping them honest. >>> we are 12 hours away from president obama's first state of the union address. if the past few days are an indicator, getting america's financial house in order is at the top of the president's to-do list. cnn white house correspondent suzanne malveaux, help us out here. what's he going to say? >> i've been speaking with white house officials this morning. clearly what they're trying to do is create a tone of "yes we can" once again to really give the american people not only a sense of faith in th
and tell me what you think. that's from bank of america. and on the back it ss 0% intro apr. >> yes, but theris an astesk or whatever that mark, so i have to now read at footnote i will have remove my glasses to read it. it says, "for thissee dilosure summary insert for detas." now i have to nd a disclosure summary, whi is the one here. so, on the outside, says 0% intro apr; ihere, it says that mypr is 11.9%, 15.9%, or 19.9%, right, and "the apr y receive is determined bad on your credit rthiness," so i have no idea which o i am going to gethen they approve me. >> bergman: so, discsure, you say, doesn't work? >> i mean, look at howuch time it takes for both of uso go through this. >> bergman: yeah, exactly. >> ihink that your average consumers not going to be able to tranate what the real pricing is. bergman: now, y put out statements like is from pridian. >> we did. we did, solutely. >> bergmanwell, the criticism is that it's exploiting the custer, the fact thathey n't really understand what's going to happen. >> in a way, i will y yes. in a way, the pricing was designed that it
will rebuild. we will recover. and the united states of america will emerge stronger than before. >> the state of our union, the last time the president did this annual address to congress, but this year angrier, mad at the white house, mad at congress. >> our new nbc/"wall street journal" poll doesn't have anything good for washington. what will the president say tonight to turn it around? it's january 27th, 2007. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm chuck todd. we'll start at the white house. the president doing thiwhat he often does before a big speech. staying up work to late on it. >> we know this is going to be about 60 minutes long with applause. expected to be heavy on economic themes. all about jobs, jobs, jobs. >> one of the speeches that they drew from was a speech he gave in april of 2009. that speech that was actually widely praised on how he laid out sort of his economic program. and i think that this is almost, by using that speech, it's a tacit acknowledgement that they didn't spend enough time telling the american people their store about the economy. and i think that's what they view
treasury secretary of the united states of america. this was the guy who was the indispensable man. the guy we had to have in spite of the fact he didn't pay his taxes, in spite of all, he was the guy we there to have, he's so important and yet he's not there exercising the influence in how this information was disclosed and he wouldn't answer the question. did he think that the folks at the fed, who suppose lead did make this decision to hold off in disclosure, he wouldn't even say whether he supported their decision or not. he backarg way from that completely. this is the treasury secretary of the united states, he didn't pass his smell test. >> what do you think should have been done as a result of that? do you think that he should stay in his position. >> i think that the american people will weigh in on that decision and obviously it's up to the president of the united states and i don't think that he helped himself out at. we had secretary paulson in front committee too. he sold to congress when this whole thing started that this the t.a.r.p. program was to buy these troubled assets a
in america -- the toyota camry. >> in many ways it is unprecedented, even shocking. it is the right thing for toyota to do. >> the dramatic move comes up for months of complaints about the cars excelling out of control. four people died just outside of dallas. that was when there avalon crashed through a fence and look into a pond of the day after christmas. last week they announced a recall over 2.3 million bottles. now car maker is taking another huge step, removing 65% of its inventory from showroom floors. the affected models are the 2009 and 2010 rav -- and some other models. this year's highlander, the 2007-10 tundras and also the sequoia's. the general manager of toyota has released a written statement that says "this action is necessary until a remedy is finalized." as the company struggles to find the solution there is still no indication of just how long the popular cars and trucks will be kept off the market. jay gray reporting. >> if you have a toyota regardless of the model and have concerns about the excellent there you should contact your nearest dealer. a group of 10 profe
with america. >> a lot o americans are concern and frustrating that the pace of progress is not happening fast enough in washington. the president shares that frustration. >> reporter: the president is also expected to talk about the troubled economy and job creation in a big part of the president's speech tonight will be focusing on jobs. the engine of our jobs, as you well know, are small businesses. he'll be discussing what he can do to incentivise small business to invest. >> reporter: he's expected to outline tax relief measures for the middle class. announce a three-year freeze on nondefense discretionary spending and talk up healthcare reform. politically it comes on the heels of a democrat's loss of a massachusetts senate seat they held for 50 years. the president is well aware this speech kicks off this midterm election year. >> he needs to enter bill clinton and feel america's pain. i think there's been a disconflict between what's he's been trying to accomplish in washington and the pain feel are feeling in the country. >> reporter: given the republican rebuttal is bob mcdonald. he'
to bring terrorists to new york for trial. there is a consideration of a spend freeze for some of america. is it practical and will it do any good? we report, you decide. a week after the healthcare reform initiative fell apart, democrats are still searching for a backup plan. and why some democrats say running for office this fall just isn't worth it. all that, plus the fox all-stars right here, right now. >> bret: welcome to washington. i'm ba bret baier. republicans trying to get obama to change his mind about bringing 9/11 suspects to new york, have help from across the aisle. national correspondent catherine herridge reports on a renewed effort to avoid a spectacle many feel will be too costly and too dingous. >> reporter: in a letter to the attorney general eric holder, six senators urge him to reconsider the opinion to put them on trial as american citizens. "it's not in our national interest to provide them with further publicity or additional advantage." >> they don't deserve the constitutional protection of the court. >> reporter: two republicans, one in house and another in a s
vehicles. toyo also halting production at some of the assembly plants in north america. eight models involved accounting for 56% of the u.s. sales. we will keep an eye on shares gm. they do not trade. ford could get a boost from korea to's problems today. ford will be at with quarterly results tomorrow. analysts said it may report a quarterly profit after a long string of losses. tim geithner is in the hot seat today. he will be testifying on the hill at a hearing but has to do with his role in the controversial bailout of american international group. he was president of the federal reserve bank of new york during the rescue back in 2008. duty asked the company, and defense to -- did he ask the fed to withhold information? the markets are little changed. investors are waiting to see what the fed has to say. and what of the chances ben bernanke will be reconfirmed by the senate back there have been some hiccups along the way. i will have more on thatn my next report. >> thank you. >>> 5:26, 31 degrees. the news continues. >> in our next half-hour, how does your home town stack up? a
sign on some of the most popular vehicles in america. eight models are affected, all were recalled just six days ago because the accelerator can get stuck in a partly depressed position, or it may return too slowly to an idle position. >> it's so unusual, it's not just a recall, which is expensive, they're actually going to stop selling some of their most popular models. >> reporter: the rav 46789, corolla, matrix, highlander, tundra and is a coy ya. in a statement, toyota said helping ensure the confidence in toyota are very important to our company, this action is necessary until a remedy is finalized. all of the vehicles are made in north america. plants in indiana, texas, kentucky and canada. toyota says rather than immediately stopping production, it will keep assembly lines running until next week to allow time to notify suppliers, and then it will fix all vehicles. >> whether they lose their customers is really what's totally at stake here. it's clear they have a problem, it's clear they have a quality problem, and what will define how well they rebound is how well they handle th
of america's auto industry and then on into silicon valley. our steve liesman in our capital covering the contentious hearings surrounding timothy geithner's role in the aig bailout. we've got jim goldman in san francisco with the latest of apple's highly anticipated tablet. we've got our own phil lebeau in park ridge, illinois, following the latest developments following toyota's massive vehicle recall, that's a huge story. and hampton pearson is in washington with the details behind today's fed announcement. bob pisani's at the new york stock exchange tracking today's big movers. wow be we've got off. basis covered. but first, treasury secretary tim geithner under fire today on capitol hill, while testifying on how aig and the -- and on aig and the bailpourpts cnbc senior economics reporter steve liesman is in washington with the details. steve? >> reporter: thanks, melissa. what's clear is that artillery shales were flying at hearings today. less clear is whether any of them landed on their mark, tim geithner. were lambasted today by congressman for bailing out goldman sachs. costi
year voters will deem them out of touch and part of the problem. >> individuals are hoping that america will understand their plight. that the united states congress will understand what they're up against, what they're living through. >> republicans say if the president is in touch he will recognize recent g.o.p. upset victories and reverse the administration pursuit of the far left agenda policies. >> as you saw in massachusetts, it wasn't just healthcare, the increases in taxes, it was the cap and trade bill and the fact that the president continues to insist on bringing terrorist in the united states and providing them rights. the president has a lot to prove tonight. >> republicans have something to prove, too. their polls soared as the loyal opposition but the voters don't want abject obstructionism. already republican john mccain teamed up with the democratic kren rist evan bayh -- centrist evan bayh. and jeff sessions is planning a similar partnership with clair mccaskill. the g.o.p. leaders say they closed door one-party agenda should end. >> they need to come off the far left
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still being pulled from the rubble alive? members of america's 82nd airborne rescued a 35-year-old man from a collapsed building in port-au-prince. he's being treated for a broken leg and, of course, dehydration. but hundreds of flights are still waiting for permission to land with supplies. the u.s. is reporting a backlog of seven days to be able to get in there. the filmmaker who posed as a pimp and recorded undercover videos of controversial practices at acorn offices across the country now under arrest himself. james o'keefe are charged with trying to tamper with the phones of the senator in new orleans. his lawyer says "we don't have any of the facts yet but james at heart is a really good kid." four men face up to 10 years in prison if convicted. heisman trophy winner tim tebow making big waves off the field over a pro life ad that's going to appear during the super bowl. the ad tells the story of his mom who got sick when she was pregnant with tim. doctors apparently urged her to have an abortion. she did not. and now some women's groups are protesting the ad paid for by a chris
ailable specialist wilbe... >> bergm: collins called his credit card bank, bankf america, to protest thcutting of his cdit line. >> and there's nobody that i can speak with at this poi? okay, well, thank you very mh. they're havi extremely hig call volumes. they c't even take your call right no , my guess is the poor littl six people in at department are busy n >> beran: they're the few people who don have to worry aboutheir jobs at bank of america. dead center here. >> bergman: thnew credit card act is not gng to help small busine owners like ben collins. their cas are excluded from the law. >> it's a great overght because companies like me are the companies at are going to be the firstine of hiring. and the re difficult they make it for us to rvive and thriven this economy.. it's disappointing, and it left aad taste in my mouth. >> bgman: a national survey says that re than 50% of amicans have had similar changes to theirredit cards of one kind or another. thiseans that tens of miions of americans are now facing much hier monthly yments on their bills, which isspecially tough in a
the new spirit of america. in the past year, the president and his family have led by example, they say, by most recently marking martin luther king jr. day in a soup kitchen. now an army wife and vol ear fr -- volunteer who has been invited to sit next to michelle obama. when did you find out you would get this honor. >> i got a phone call from a staff and it was very, very exciting. my husband and i were sitting at home when i got the call. >> a lot at stake in the speech. the president's first state of the union. we know the situation in wisconsin and other parts of the country. what are you looking to hear beyond certainly the acknowledgement of the work you and other volunteers have done? >> i'm excited to hear about money put forward to family readiness programs, that they have added some additional money for that budget. so i'm excited to hear about that. i'm looking forward to hearing about our future in iraq and afghanistan. >> and specifically iraq and afghanistan, we know this president was against the war in iraq, campaigned against it. we know, though, that the withdrawal o
is the bestselling car in america. the same models recalled last week in the wake of sticking gas pedals. beginning next month, the world's largest automaker will halt production at north america assembly plants. >>> police believe they have found the remains of missing virginia tech student morgan harrington. the 20 year old was last seen in october. ske skeletal remains were found yesterday on a remote form. an autopsy is scheduled for later today. >>> four men arrested charged with alleging trying to tamper with phones in mary landrieu's office. the suspects could face ten years in prison and $250,000 fine. one of those four is conservative activists james o'keefe. the senator has called these events unusual and unsettling. >>> reports that singing sensation susan boyle was surprised by an intruder at her home. she was returning from recording a charity single for haiti when she was surprised by the man. the man was detained and released. boyle made her name on the tv show "britain's got talent." katie couric with a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >> as he prepares to make his first sta
of it. >> they've got acres of camry's here. >> best selling car in america and we can't sell it. >> it's definitely not business as usual. the economy itself has been a challenge. the timing isn't great. >> there are still customers waiting to make deals, recall or not. >> the recall is not scaring us and you know, we are still here to purchase a prius or a camry. >> and the crew is sorting through handfuls of keys to keep business rolling. they are pulling the models they can sell, prius's from storage to the front of the store and moving the recalled cars back. >> at midday, he briefs the sales staff. new information, cars built in japan rather than in north america have a different gas pedal and these are good to go. >> this is a toyota here, that is not affected by the recall. >> he found 15 camrys out of the 700 cars in his inventory, he can still offer to customers. one of the good cars from japan happens to be in his showroom. there's no telling how much business will be lost. >> there's really no way to say how many deals are on hold. can't sell them, you know. >
and social disaster for america's elderly, for whom these programs really are the main stay of their standard of life. . >> james galbraith is professor of economics at the university of texas. it's great to have you on the show to talk about these things tonight, professor. thanks for joining us. >> thanks very much. yeah, thank you. >>> so are you tired of every single piece of legislation having to pass the ben nelson or joe lieberman test or the magical unicorn phantom hope test of republican votes? are you tired of supermajority rules? congress, there is a solution to this problem. senator tom udall has a plan. blg smells like fresh ground. fresh fresh fresh fre-- that's our favorite part. ...fresh! (announcer) taste why maxwell house is good to the last drop. and all your little mile-pebbles ameriprise financial can help. we have over ten-thousand advisors ready to listen to your dreams and help you plan for them. because the first step towards reaching what you want is reaching the person who can help you get there. our advisors. your dreams. more within reach. meet us at
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